Klara Borgqvist

Papillon deltaker
Papillondeltaker, Obo
Klara Borgqvist

Klara Borgqvist, born 2001 in Lund, Sweden, started playing the oboe at the age of eight.

She studies her first year at Nordiska Musikgymnasiet in Stockolm, with oboe lessons given

by Fredrik Söhngen at the Royal Swedish Orchestra. As a participant in the Barratt Due

Young Talent program she is since 2016 also taking lessons for David Strunck Oslo


Her first encounter with the oboe was at the age of eight with Lisa Nyberg at the Lund

School of Arts. During the following years, she has taken lessons for Theophile Hartz,

Malmö Opera Orchestra, and Cristina Monticoli, Malmö Symphony Orchestra.

In 2013 Klara participated in the Öresundssolist competition and received the Danish

National Symphony Orchestra Talent Prize. Other competitions she has participated in

includes Polstjärnepriset 2016-2017 where she received the 4th and 3rd price, respectively,

and Stockholm International Music Competition in 2014-2015, receiving 1st prize for solo

performance and 2nd prise for ensemble with the wind quintet named "Fem vindar".

Klara has also received several grants including the Lund municipality culture scholarship in

2016 and the SIMS 2014 Scholarship for interpretation of Swedish compositions.

Klara has taken Master classes for many prominent musicians as Mårten Larsson -

Gothenburg Symphony, Henrik Goldsmith - Royal Danish Orchestra, Jonathan Small –

Liverpool Philarmonic, Max Artved – Prof. at the Royal Danish Academy of Music